Book No. 11 – Heaven Is For Real

21 Sep

Okay guys, I know I promised I would post this blog yesterday but I had a hot date to go on! Forgive me! The 11th book that I read is called Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo. It tells the story of a young boy who survives an emergency appendectomy but during the weeks he is in the hospital he lingers on the brink of death. He has several surgeries, eventually pulls through and is released from the hospital. In the months after his hospital stay, he reveals that he met God and that he went to heaven. He explains his trip to heaven in great detail. Explaining what God and Jesus look like, what heaven looks like, and the people he meets in Heaven. Colton (the little boy) met his Grandpa in heaven, a man that he never met on Earth and a man that he didn’t know anything about. He also met his sister, who was never born because his mother had a miscarriage. Colton’s parents had never told him about the miscarriage, he only found out about it during his trip to heaven where he actually met his unborn sister. Reading this book really makes you think about what it is YOU believe in and your own outlook on heaven and faith. Religion is, and always will be a controversial issue because so many people have different views on the bible and what is real and what isn’t. But the way Colton described Heaven and they way he talked about it makes it hard for me to believe he made the whole thing up. Yes, stories like this are rare but that doesn’t mean they aren’t real. Maybe God is using this little boy to spread his word, to reinforce the belief that Heaven is real and that if you live life by God then you will get to Heaven some day. Reading this book made me reexamine my own personal beliefs about heaven, religion and faith. I have always been a skeptic when it comes to religion because there really is no solid proof, no evidence that The Bible is legitament. I do believe in God, but I’ve always wondered whether all the rest of it was fact or fiction, as I’m sure many of you have as well. But even if you don’t believe in Heaven, religion or God, this book gives you a renewed sense of faith. Faith in the goodness of people and faith in the fact that miracles and the unexpected are possible! What this little boy experienced is truly a beautiful thing whether you believe it happened or not. Colton said that during his surgery he left his body and ascended to Heaven. All the people there had wings and it was always light, it never gets dark in Heaven. He said that God had the prettiest eyes and that he was really big. Colton even knew what his parents were doing while he was in surgery because he was looking down on them from Heaven. It’s a truly amazing story and in my opinion believable. Sometimes, the impossible does come true and believing in the impossible, although difficult, is something we all need to strive for. So, if you are interested in religion or learning about a little boys trip to Heaven and what he experienced there, then I would recommend this book. It’s a quick read but it is very insightful and perhaps, upon reading this book many of you skeptics will turn into believers.


Taylor Jordan


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