Book No. 14 – The Average American Male

24 Oct

The Average American Male Novel is the second book I have read by Chad Kultgen. The first one (which I have already blogged about) is Men, Women & Children. He is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors because of his bluntness and raw accounts of real life situations. He talks about many things that so many people are too conservative to talk about in public and just tells it like it is. There is no sugar coating it, no beating around the bush, just the ugly and sometimes painful truth, which is refreshing. I absolutely LOVED this book and although at first I thought it was a little too graphic and sexual, as I read on I came to realize the book was really more about relationships and the expectations we have of our relationships. But from a male perspective. Now, unless I miraculously grow a twig and berries over night, it’s safe to say I am a girl, and since this book is written in a male perspective it would be better to hear a males thoughts on the book. However, this is MY blog and boys are really only interested in video games and boobies so you will just have to deal with the fact that a girl (me!) is giving you the low down on the male perspective. Here is a synopsis of the book: The nameless narrator is a cynical 20-something living an empty, oversexed life in L.A. He gets laid more often than he masturbates, plays video games, goes to the gym, sizes up every girl in sight and, understandably, hates Casey, his vapid wannabe-actress girlfriend who tricks him into agreeing to marry her. Casey is everything guys don’t want whereas, Alyna (a random girl he met by chance) is what he believes to be his dream girl. The premise is essentially: guys like sex and dislike cuddling. But the nameless narrator soon learns that “dream girls” really don’t exist and that what guys want from relationships: sex, is not what girls want from a relationship: commitment and a future. After finally dumping his annoying, needy girlfriend, Casey, he jumps into a sexual relationship with Alyna which later turns into a boyfriend-girlfirend relationship. It all starts out like a fantasy to him but eventually the relationship becomes routine and his “dream girl” opinion of her is shattered. He comes to accept the fact that his fantasy of what his ideal relationship would be like just doesn’t exist because all relationships are work and compromise. He had this romanticized idea of what love and relationships were and because of his expectations of perfection, he was never really truly satisfied. I had a conversation with a friend of mine just a couple days ago about being too picky with the people we choose to date, but there is a big difference between being picky and having completely unrealistic standards. In the end, the narrator settles for the woman he is with because he realizes that even if he found someone better, she still wouldn’t be enough. She wouldn’t be the perfect woman he had envisioned in his mind. I find myself being able to relate to the character in this book because, I’ll be the first to admit, I AM PICKY when it comes to people I date. In fact, I am just picky about everything in life, but the point is that if I don’t open my mind up more to the possibility of dating than I am never going to find someone. And neither will you if you continue to limit yourself and run from the unknown. One of my friends told me that I never give guys a chance and that I write them off too quick… and he is absolutely right. I am one of those people that is constantly looking for something thats wrong with the other person, waiting for them to mess up, or just assuming that it wont work out without even giving it a chance. If you are one of these people, like me, TRY to change. We can change together. Stop waiting for the other shoe to drop and just take a chance on something or someone or just simply let yourself experience something new. Don’t be so picky because you are far from perfect yourself and there is something beautiful in everyone, even if you can’t see it at first, it’s there. The narrator seemed to feel that the most important part of any relationship is sex, which I find odd because although yes, boys will be boys, I know many guys that don’t obsess over sex to the extent that the author did. I once asked a guy I was dating how often he thought about sex and he said at least a couple times a day. Another guy I dated said that sex is not the most important thing in his relationships and that he felt there were so many more important things. (He was the one that got away…. go figure!) But I guess every one is different when it comes to this particular topic…. I’m still very interested in how other guys feel about it. Anyways, if there is one thing you should take from this blog it is this: give love a chance.


Taylor Jordan


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