Book No. 15 – My Boyfriend Wrote A Book About Me

27 Oct

Hilarie Winston was inspired to write this book after stumbling upon a book that her ex-boyfriend wrote about her describing her as his fat ass girlfriend. In her book titled, My Boyfriend Wrote A Book About Me, she questions every relationship she has had and dishes on the struggles of finding love in California while trying to make it as a writer.  She airs all her dirty laundry in this book and it is a must read for any girl who has ever been dumped or unlucky in love.  She talks about everything we all want to talk about, but sometimes can’t. Her first love cheating on her, her string of gay boyfriends, her low self esteem, her struggle with finding work in LA, her moms battle with cancer, her struggle to lose weight, and the demise of her 5 year relationship with the man she thought she would someday marry. We all have baggage and this author is no exception. She was a naive girl (just like many of us are) when we first dive in to the dating pool, but she quickly learned that not all people will treat you the way you should be treated. I remember the very first guy I really really liked and how I thought it would work out just like it does in the movies… it didn’t. I remember the first time I hung out with him and feeling on top of the world after our first kiss. It was the kind of night that only comes around once in a while, a night that leaves you feeling invincible and hopeful. It was also my first dose of rejection. The guy told me that I wasn’t the type of girl he would ever date. Naturally, as any other 15 year old girl would, I thought it was the end of the world! My point is that just like Hilarie Winston, my relationships both good and bad, affect who I am now. The things people do to you, the things you do to them and the words spoken remain glued in the back of your mind forming your insecurities. I remember feeling like nobody would ever want to date me and that I just wasn’t girlfriend material simply because one stupid boy said he didn’t want to be my boyfriend. Pretty stupid, huh? In this book, Hilarie Winston talks about how her relationships have affected her. Many of her relationships contributed to her low self esteem, she has always felt like she wasn’t good enough or pretty enough and that she wasn’t desirable. Which is a feeling a lot of people, both men and women, can relate to. We all have insecurities and there will always be people in life who play off those insecurities. Those people will say hurtful things to you making you feel inferior like you’re not good enough in some way. What we all need to realize is that if someone makes you feel that way then they shouldn’t be in your life. Period. No exceptions. Hilarie put up with way too many people that were careless with her heart and I know I have done the same in my short 19 years of life. She dated a guy for 5 years with the intention of marrying him but as we all learn in time, things rarely work out how we want them to. In the book she goes into detail about specific experiences that have affected her in some way and if you’re interested in relationships or just interested in why people are the way they are then this is a good book for you to read! I’ve been noticing a pattern with my choice of books… they are all pretty much about peoples relationships, love or a motivational something or other. So the next two books I will write about (I finished both of them today in 3 and 1/2 hrs… Yes I am bragging, get over it.) will be about a little different topics. I felt like branching out a little. Anyways, what I took from this book is that we should all be careful with our words because words really can hurt. We should never be careless with other peoples hearts and never tolerate those that are careless with ours. We should accept the hurtful things people have said to us, but know they are not true. We should learn from the painful experiences we have had but not let them control our futures. Most importantly, we should forgive ourselves for the hurtful things we’ve done and said and know that we can change for the better.


Taylor Jordan

P.s.- I’m listening to this song as I write this blog so I am gonna post it. If you don’t like it then you have shitty taste in music. Just saying.

Poison and Wine by The Civil Wars


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