Book No. 22 – Life Without Limits

7 Dec

“Life Without Limits” is a book about Nick Vujicic, a man who was born without arms or legs. Nick tells his storing explaining what it was like to live with his physical disabilities and the emotional battle he struggled to overcome as a young adult. Just reading his story makes me feel like an ass hole every time I complain about anything in my life. Can you even imagine having to live your life with no arms or legs??

This is a picture of Nick Vujicic.

Here I am complaining about not having enough cute clothes and this man is trying to figure out how to dress himself. I bought this book because I like reading inspirational stories, it makes me feel like I can do something good in my lifetime. If this man, who has no arms or legs, can accomplish great things then I sure as hell can too! Nick Vujicic had a difficult time accepting his condition and for the longest time he wondered if their was anyone on earth like him.  He was the kid born with no arms or legs, but through his positive attitude and is faith in God he became the man with no arms and legs that travels all over the world spreading his message and giving inspiration and hope to others. He has set up a non profit organization called Life Without Limbs which helps support ten different charities. He has traveled to South Africa, Columbia, Indonesia, Ghana and tons of other amazing places to share his message of self acceptance. He even got to meet Bethany Hamilton (the surfer girl whose arm was bitten off by a shark) who taught him how to surf. In his book he talks about so many different things that we all, as humans, struggle to cope with. One of which is accepting yourself for who you are.

‘Take a look in the mirror right now and say, “This is who I am.”

Self acceptance is something many of us struggle with on a daily basis. I know I do. Someone once asked me to name three things I liked about myself, but my mind went blank and I couldn’t name a single thing. Other times people will ask me, “Well, what are you good at?” and I sit and think for a second but my response is always the same, “I don’t know… nothing really.” This is because I often doubt my capabilities and although on the outside it may seem like I believe in myself, most of the time I am not sure about my worth. So many of us struggle with feelings of inadequacy and we are often plagued with the feeling that no one will ever love us. This is why I always tell my friends that they are perfect and beautiful just the way they are. My friend Casey has always told me that I am horrible at accepting compliments from people. Most of the time they make me uncomfortable or I just don’t believe they are true.

If someone would say to me, “You look beautiful.” rather than saying thank you I would say, “Um.. no I don’t.”

If someone tells me they love me I think to myself, “No you don’t. You don’t even really know me.”

If someone says they like my writing I say, “It’s really not that good.”

If someone tells me I’m skinny I yell, “Are you kidding me!? Do you see these love handles?!!”

I can’t accept compliments because deep down I feel inadequate. I feel mediocre. Unaccomplished. Invisible. Imperfect. Somewhere along the way I lost the ability to love myself, and that my friends, is the greatest tragedy of all.

“If you don’t accept yourself it not only leads to self destruction, it leads to isolation. The only measure of your beauty and value as a person should be the one that comes from within.”

So many of us rely on other people to give us confidence, to validate us and to make us feel appreciated but that will only lead to disappointment. You have to build your own confidence by believing that you are beautiful and smart and interesting. I went on a trip to Europe a couple years ago and we had a workshop type thing where we had to face all of our fears. We learned how to build confidence in ourselves and how to overcome obstacles. This same day I learned that you can train your brain to believe anything you want it to. For instance, as I repelled down a castle wall I kept telling myself over and over, “I am safe. I am safe.” And the amazing thing is that the more I repeated it, the more I believed it. It’s the only thing that kept me from having a panic attack as I leaned out over the top of that castle. So when I got home from my trip I got out all my post-it note pads and starting writing affirmative statements about myself. “I am beautiful.” “I am smart.” “I am successful.” “I accomplish my goals.” “I am strong.” “I am capable.” And I put each little post-it on my mirror so that every day when I woke up I would be forced to read them. Eventually, these phrases started to sink in and I actually started to believe they were true… and finally I started to love myself. Not loving yourself is only going to hold you back in life. It is going to limit what you accomplish and what you strive for. We should all strive to live a life without limits, a life where we believe in our capabilities enough to go out and accomplish the unexpected. Do not put limits on yourself. Go out and conquer the unknown, and love yourself for every part of who you are and what you can become.

So here is my challenge for you. Name one thing you like about yourself and one thing you are good at. Just ONE thing. I dare you. And once you find it, hold on to it and repeat it to yourself every single day. And maybe you’ll find that, that one thing will be enough.


Taylor Jordan


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