Book No. 25 – Stories I Only Tell My Friends

31 Jan

“Stories I Only Tell My Friends” is basically Rob Lowe’s biography. He talks about his dream of becoming an actor and the steps he took to reach that goal. He talks about his growing fame and the isolation and loneliness that comes with it. He talks about his ladies man reputation, his alcoholism and going to rehab, and then meeting and marrying his wife Sheryl. I’ve been a fan of Rob Lowe since he was in the TV show called Brothers and Sisters, but he was in the business long before that TV show. He is probably most notably known for his role in The West Wing which won a ton of awards when it was airing. He is also in Parks & Rec. and Californication.

This is a picture of him in case you don’t know who he is.

I found his book really well written, insightful, informational and even comical. It’s really interesting to get to see what happens behind the scenes of an actors life. In his book, I got to see beyond the facade that is Rob Lowe. It is basically a tour of his life. It’s really cool how many chance encounters he has with other actors too. He got to meet the president, Sting, Janet Jackson and so much more. I guess thats how that whole industry works though. I remember being little and wanting to be an actress, I mean God knows I am dramatic enough for it! I used to practice crying on command with my friend Angela and we would have contests to see who could cry first. I would talk in different accents (sometimes, I still do this…), pretend I was an opera singer (ask my cousin brandon), and even act out a killing scene where I stab myself and then play dead on the kitchen floor and wait for my mom to notice me. (eventually, she got so tired of my little charades and began to ignore me completely!) Anyways, that dream was short lived! I just never really got into it, I guess. But I watch a lot of TV and read a lot, so I’m always interested in whats going on in that industry, which really seems like its own little world over there. But anyways, having read this book there are some important things I have taken away from it. One of which is that no matter how much success, power, and money you have, it will not necessarily make you happy. Rob struggled for much of his early life with having too much money, too much freedom. It got to the point where he didn’t really care about anything in life. He wasn’t grounded anymore and he had been cut off from all the fundamental things that we all need in life to be happy. Like family, a loving relationship, honesty, religion or spiritualism, and real interactions with real people you really care about you. I just read in my sociology book that the people who are most susceptible to suicide are those who are isolated or less interconnected than others. Also, white wealthy men are more likely to commit suicide because they have so much freedom that they don’t know what to do with it! Which is why so many famous people turn to drugs and alcohol and some even overdose. (Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, Chris Farley.. even Marilyn Monroe) It’s really sad to think that if someone had seen how much those people were struggling, if someone had reached out a hand to help, then maybe some of them would still be here today. In this book, Rob Lowe also touches on the idea of objectification. So many people look at famous people as things. He is so hot, she has the best body. Blah. Blah. We forget that they are real people, too. I mean yes, Jake Gyllenhaal is just about the hottest thing alive and omg did you see his cute little butt in Love and Other Drugs?? I mean come on, who wouldn’t objectify him. But I’m sure for a famous person, it is just about the worst feeling in the world. To know that people don’t really care about you, they only care about what you can offer or what you look like. So, Jake my love… I’m sorry if I made it seem like you were just another hot piece of ass! I’m sure you are so much more than that. Objectification goes on in our day to day lives as well though and honestly it does piss me off. Especially when guys objectify girls, which happens so frequently that I could explode. I have gotten on to many of my guy friends about objectifying girls. It is repulsive and I will not stand for it dammit!! Boys, there is so much more to me than my ass.. OKAY?!? Get it through your head. Shit.

Overall, I really loved this book. It kinda felt like a roller coaster ride, except for once the roller coaster wasn’t my own life but someone else’s. I am happy to say that Rob Lowe went to rehab and has been sober for over 20 years. He has been happily married for almost 25 years and he has two kids. I guess some people really can turn their lives around before it’s too late. Maybe there is some hope for the rest of us. HA!


Taylor Jordan


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