Book No. 35 – Me and You

18 Mar

Book number 35 is called Me and You by Niccolo Ammaniti. This story, just by the title, would appear to be a love story, but it turns out that it is actually something much more unusual. This is a story of Lorenzo Cuni, a 14-year-old boy from Rome, and his half-sister, the 23-year-old Olimpia. Lorenzo is a smart boy with a near perfect life. He lives in a beautiful home in a wealthy part of town, has loving parents and attends a grammar school. But just like every privileged veneer there are shadows looming in the corner. Lorenzo can’t seem to relate to people and he has no friends, which worries his parents. So, he makes up a story about him going on a ski trip with some friends from school to appease his parents when in reality he will be living in his cellar for a week. Unbeknownst to Lorenzo, his drug dependent sister will show up at his cellar door, begging for a place to stay and the support of the stranger she calls her brother.

During this one week these two siblings live together in a tiny cramped cellar with a limited amount of food and supplies, and find that the company of each other is much more pleasant than anticipated. This one week, represents a remarkable voyage for this brother and this sister in the evolution of their relationship. Lorenzo helps his sister get clean in the hopes that she will change her life, and in this week both Lorenzo and Olimpia will learn to accept life as it is and not as they wish it could be.

What a challenge that is, don’t you think? To accept life as it is – rather than what you wish it to be. I am about to be 20 years old in a month and I can’t get over the depressing lingering thoughts of feeling old. (I know, I know – I’m a young buck… but I feel old okay? And birthdays depress me.) I think however, that the real depressing part about birthdays for me is not the fact that I am one year older, rather it is the anxiety and fear of the future responsibility that comes with turning a year older. Everybody is aware that when you get older, more responsibilities are expected of you and if that doesn’t give you an anxiety attack I don’t know what will! I frequently lie awake at night (and by frequently, I mean EVERY single night.) and think about the future and what it has in store for me. I think about all the little things that I need to get done and all things that I want to accomplish, I think about what happened that day and I think about things that happened two years ago. I am plagued with the disease of over thinking. It seems at night my mind just refuses to shut off (that bitch!) which leaves me tossing and turning in my bed for hours and hours until finally sleep steals me away. I’ve tried everything from deep breathing exercises, meditation, hot showers, hot tea, a glass (or two – or three) of wine, melatonin, and Ambien, just to try and get some damn Z’s. Nothing really seems to work, well, except for the Ambien, but for obvious reasons I try not to take it regularly. It is a common sentiment amongst young adults that growing up is a thing to be dreaded. So many of my friends will randomly scream out in fear, “I don’t wanna grow up!” Myself included. But, why? Because growing up is fucking scary and filled with an overwhelming amount of responsibility and difficult decisions that will forever change and shape your life. And some people just can’t accept that fate. This is a theme at the beginning of “Me and You”, but slowly the theme changes from running away from reality to acceptance. To live or to live in fear. That is the decision that must be made. Your choice. Your life.

Sometimes I close my eyes and go back in time to when I was young. I was so alive, so carefree, so spirited and untouched by the world. I was just a wide eyed child who had no fear… I had just begun, and life was just happening. Somewhere along the way, all of those things were snatched away from me. And it’s time to get them all back.

Here is a song to brighten your day just in case you found this blog to be even remotely morbid, depressing or banal. Enjoy!!

This Is Your Life

….And now I will go back to studying about volcanoes, chemical weathering and soil erosions. Fun! NOT. Ugh…. the life of a college student.


Taylor Jordan


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