Meet Harley, a BARC dog.

20 Oct

Meet Harley.

This is Harley. A sweet angel who was adopted from BARC animal shelter by my friend Hannah. Hannah was a cat lady her whole life, but one day she decided to join the ranks of us dog lovers! She adopted Harley from BARC in Houston and she thought it was one of the happiest moments of her life thus far. Little did she know that Harley had a disease called distemper that many young puppies are diagnosed with if they have not had the proper medical care they need after being born. Poor Harley was brought in to the shelter too late to be saved, and BARC, did not have the proper funds to spend on saving one animals life when they had so many more to care for. What was supposed to be a brand new, eye opening, heart warming experience for Hannah and Harley beginning their new life together turned into a tragedy of sorts. Harley passed away from distemper within the first month of being home with Hannah. You may ask why I am telling you this story. Well, thats easy. I am telling you this story because there are far too many animals in this world who wander the streets their whole lives un loved and starved. There are far too many animals in this world who are neglected, mistreated and abused. There are far too many animals in this world waiting for someone to love them, but never get the chance. Animal shelters give them a chance. BARC is the only animal shelter in Houston that is required by law to take in any and all animals brought to them. This means they take in what ignorant people may call “aggressive breeds” such as, pit bulls. They take in the elderly animals that most likely wont get adopted and they take in the animals that are severely ill and in need of immediate medical attention. Do they have the funds to support all of these animals and give them the attention they deserve? NO. This is why I am asking you to PLEASE vote for BARC animal shelter in the ASPCA challenge so that they can win 25,000 dollars to help provide and care for animals in need. This is a shelter who is dedicated to making a difference in the fifth ward of Houston and they strive to help every single animal that comes through their doors. Maybe if they had been given more funds before, sweet little Harley would still be with us living the life he deserves. Don’t let his death, or any other animals death, be in vain. Help us, help BARC.

Click on the link below and vote. It only takes one person to make a difference in this world and start a chain reaction. All I am asking of you is to help change the world. Do it for Harley. Or do it for an animal that you have loved and lost. Or just do it because you are a decent and kind human being.

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