Book No. 49 – If Beale Street Could Talk

22 Oct

So, I have had Taylor Swifts new album on repeat for like the last three hours… I decided I should probably do something productive and instead of working on homework, I decided to blog! If Beale Street Could Talk by James Baldwin is an honest, sad, and tragically beautiful story told from the point of view of a nineteen year old girl named Tish. She is in love with her childhood friend Fonny and he is in love with her, but when an unforeseen circumstance tears them apart they have to learn to live without each other.  Fonny is falsely accused of raping a woman, but since he is an african american male he is used as the scape goat and even though he has an alibi, it is irrelevant. He is sent to jail and not too long after, he finds out he will soon be a father to Tish’s unborn baby. Tish and her family are on a rampage to get Fonny released from jail and prove his innocence, but that turns out to be much more difficult than anticipated, and they soon begin to realize that sometimes the system will screw an innocent human being.

This is the story of a nineteen year old girl who never gives up on fighting for whats right and for the one she loves. The pain depicted in this novel will tug at your heartstrings and make you think about all the injustices and prejudices you have encountered in your life. It will make you challenge this system and wonder how many innocent men and women are sitting in a jail cell somewhere wondering what they ever did to deserve their fate. Injustices and wrong doings happen every single day and some have irreversible repercussions.A life can change in an instant. People will judge others based on their skin color, where they live, the car they drive and the clothes they wear. Law enforcement will base many of their decisions on racial stereotypes and good and innocent families will suffer because of it. This is the world we live in. No matter how heartbreaking and tragic this story is, it’s important to acknowledge that these things happen every day. We must also strive to prevail under the most difficult of circumstances just like the family in this book.

“…it’s like the blues. sweet, sad, and full of truth.” A classic good read about the struggle of being human.

Alright well, I guess I will go back to jamming out to the new Taylor Swift album, dancing alone in my apartment with my dog. Thanks a lot Taylor Swift for making me feel nostalgic for broken relationships I never had!!!




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