A Letter to America

18 Dec

A Letter to America by President Boren is a fascinating, inspiring and eye opening book. I read it my freshman year of college as required for one of my classes, but I didn’t realize it would have such an impact on me. President Boren (former US Senator and current President of The university of Oklahoma) discusses the issues in politics today and how politics is lost on the younger generation of Americans. Honestly, whether you are interested in politics or not, this book is still an enjoyable read and I highly recommend it.

Freshman year my class was required to write a letter to President Boren and the best one would be selected and sent to Boren himself to read. My letter was chosen a long with one other girl in my class.

Since my freshman year of college, much has changed. I have taken an interest in politics and I voted in my very first election. I keep up with world events and I involve myself in several volunteer organizations that I have passions for. This book explains the spiraling downfall of American politics and explains what we must do as citizens of this country to get redemption.

This is my letter.

Dear President Boren,

Your book was both enlightening and interesting, and fascinating yet disturbing. Much of what was discussed in A Letter To America was unknown knowledge to me. Before reading this book I had no interest in our country’s well being or maintaining our world superpower status. In reading this book, my eyes were opened to many issues our country has that aren’t being addressed properly. I realized how little pride in my own country I have and how little pride and unity the rest of America has as well. People in general tend to care less about America as a whole and this is a huge issue because if we are not united, and if we can’t get over the partisanship between the democrats and republicans, this country will never maintain its’ status as a world power nor will it ever regain its status as a respected, prosperous, stable country.

After reading this book, I actually care about America’s well being. I want our economy to get better, our education system and our sense of pride to be restored because I want my children to know what it feels like to belong to this country, and I want them to be proud to be Americans. This book instilled a sense of hope in me. Hope for the future of this country, hope of overcoming our recent setbacks, hope of restoring a sense of unity, hope of turning this economy back around and hope of regaining the respect we once had.

An issue the citizens of our country deal with is trust in the government and political leaders. Many of my friends feel that the government officials care more about getting their way in what they think is right rather than working together and putting America before their own dislike for each other. I agree with this, however I also know that, “we are judged by our action and by our inaction.” My friends and I can complain about the leaders in office all we want, but the fact of the matter is we are doing nothing to change anything and we aren’t making an effort to make a difference.

In my time here at OU I have become a vegetarian for several reasons. One of which, is that it is good for the environment because eating one pound of meat emits the same amount of greenhouse gas as driving an SUV forty miles. In becoming a vegetarian I am doing my own small part in trying to help improve the environment. I am also standing up for animal rights and fighting against what I believe is animal cruelty. I have learned the importance of civic literacy and I hope I can do a better job at demonstrating it. In order for me to demonstrate civic literacy I am going to get more involved in different organizations with causes that are important to me and that I believe in. For instance, women’s rights and helping to make the injustice in third world countries a better-known issue. I am also going to try and stand up for what I believe in and for what is right. Your book has truly changed the way I think and feel about our country and I am determined to try and make a difference, no matter how small it might be.
Taylor Devost


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