The Dead Walk Among Me

30 Dec

I am surrounded by skeletons,
empty and hollow,
cold to the bone,
saving every penny earned
and starved for laughter.
You can see it in their eyes,
a hopeless defeat.
Living inside their pretty little boxes
with locks to keep them safe,
shuttered and dank
all lights extinguished,
especially the one within.
I am surrounded by skeletons,
climbing and climbing,
but never content.
I walk the streets alone
my only guide,
my soul.
The hearts of skeletons,
pushing up daisies.
black and white.
The road,
there’s only one.
Dust collects in never ending circles.
In this city of stagnation,
dreams do not exist.
Skeletons are haunted
by what might have been.
The dead walk among me,
because they are too afraid to live.

This poem came to me last night in a moment of disappointment and sadness. It was a sudden realization of the life the ones I love are living. My friend bailed out on a road trip to New Orleans, trading out memories and fun for a cozy bed and a comfy couch at home with a TV that runs SVU marathons. How sad, to choose watching TV over a new adventure with friends. And a father who is constantly patronizing me. This poem isn’t about them, but rather about what they made me realize.

So, this is for the ones who live sad little scared lives. The skeletons.



2 Responses to “The Dead Walk Among Me”

  1. Auntie D January 2, 2013 at 1:17 pm #

    I get where you are coming from but you must remember that as parents , we are ALWAYS in fear of something terrible happening to our children.( car crashes, financial failure,lack of education etc, etc, etc) These children that we love beyond comprehension sometimes keep us in a world full of anxiety and fear. In our fear, we sometimes forget about ourselves.D

  2. ringworms contagious January 22, 2013 at 11:04 pm #

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