Featuring Guest Blogger Ell Harmon : “Beyond The Stars”

11 Jul

I believe in life beyond Earth and that there are things in this world that are beyond our control. Looking into the night sky at all the stars and galaxies, I feel very insignificant to the universe. When I gaze into the sky, a sense of fear runs down my spine. I know that there are many wonderful things that have yet to be discovered in the universe that is unknown. I know for a fact that humans know nothing about our cosmos, but people tend to think they know everything. Even I do sometimes. But then I look into the night sky and it reminds me how little I truly know.

When I was a kid I sat outside with my dad at a ranch where we rode our horses. As we were gazing into the night sky we saw many planes fly over our head. My dad and I got to thinking about life outside of this world and how advanced other civilizations could be. A few minutes after we had stopped talking we were both staring up at the twinkling stars, when all of the sudden, what we thought was a plane stopped in its path for a few seconds and turned the other direction. My dad and I both looked at each other instantaneously to make sure we both were not imagining things. To this day we have no idea what we saw, but we still talk about it quite often.

I believe that humans know nothing about this world, but I believe that each individual is of significant importance to our cosmic universe, even though most of the time it does not feel that way. I believe that there are love and emotions that we cannot comprehend, and that the human brain is capable of so much more than is actually perceived. I enjoy talking to people about life beyond Earth. It is always interesting for me to hear other people’s opinions and what they believe to be out there. Earth is like a tiny ant at a picnic that knows nothing of the life standing right in front of him. I believe that humans are blissfully ignorant when it comes to outer space. Someday the perception of the universe will alter, and the knowledge of the world.


Editor’s Note: Ell Harmon is a sophomore at Montana State University who is majoring in Biology and minoring in Spanish. She has a German Shepherd puppy named Major who she is madly in love with. She loves to travel and write in her spare time and she also enjoys reading and being outdoors. She has amazing friends and has a love affair with the ocean. Her dream is to work with marine animals and help in their conservation. You can follow her on Facebook (Elle Harmon) or instagram at (eharmon94). ‘LIKE’ and/or ‘COMMENT’ below and let us know if you would like to see more from this writer.


2 Responses to “Featuring Guest Blogger Ell Harmon : “Beyond The Stars””

  1. W E Patterson July 11, 2013 at 3:17 pm #

    I have always had a feeling that there is life beyond this planet. My wife and I once observed a similar phenomena as the one you described. It occurred in the sky over Ohio, as we were driving across country from New York to Colorado. It was late at night, but we both were rested, and of course stone cold sober.

    In the midwest, where I grew up, I enjoyed looking at the night sky, and you could often see the Milky Way. Sometimes, I don’t think young people today spend much time looking up…not because the wouldn’t, but just because most of them live in areas where the ambient light obscures the night sky. I know that where I live, the lights of Ft. Lauderdale and Miami make the night sky a most uninteresting place to gaze, on most nights.

  2. taurusingemini July 12, 2013 at 7:04 am #

    This, is very thought provoking, and, it makes you wonder, IF there ARE possibilities of life out there, and, it makes us feel less alone in the world too…

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