On Dude Syndrome And Why Every Man Should Be A Feminist

12 Aug

A couple nights ago, I went to a friends twenty-first birthday party and I had the most appalling and unexpected encounter with a dude. Yes, a dude. I can’t call him a man, not even a guy, but the word “dude” seems to suffice.

Anyway, this “dude” was talking to one of his male friends and me, being the sometimes obnoxiously loud and talkative person that I am, interjected into their conversation. Something, that most mingly-type people do at parties, no?

Well, “Dude” turns to me, looks me straight in the eyes, and in the most patronizing voice possible says to me, “Seriously, why are you talking to me right now? I am not talking to you.”

Doesn’t really sound like a big deal, I know. If you had been there though, you would probably assume, and rightly so, that this “dude” is a privileged, misogynistic youth who has no concept of how to treat people with respect.

(Even his “friends” say so. Behind his back, of course. Ugh, why are they even friends then…. ?)

I like to call the way he acted towards me “dude syndrome.”

You know, dudes who, were raised to be entitled little shit heads. Dudes who think they, or at least their parent’s, have enough money to rule the world. Dudes who think they are superior to everybody else, even Gandhi. Dudes who, see humans as a means to an end and really, nothing more. Dudes who command respect, but give none in return.

Anyway, “Dude” at this party was clearly suffering from dude syndrome.

I was aghast after his comment and seeing as though, I am not used to being treated like some alien from outer space who isn’t worth anyone’s time, my first instinct was to punch this “dude” right in the face. My second, was to slap him and storm off yelling obscenities. My third, was to lecture him on how to properly treat women and for that matter, people, but lets face it, if he hasn’t learned that by now, he probably just doesn’t care. The reaction I settled on however, was that of utter surprise, disappointment and storming off, whilst bitchily yelling some sassy remark at him.

The problem isn’t WHAT he said. The problem is that women are STILL being treated like inferior beings by so many people, but especially by “dudes” like this one. What century do we live in now, guys? Seriously, come on. If I can’t command your respect simply by being a walking, talking, breathing human being, then I really fear for the future of women and people across the world.

If you are a woman, if you have ever loved a woman, than “dudes” like this should piss you the hell off. Is this the respect your mother deserves to be given? Your girlfriend? Your grandmother? Your sister? Your daughter?

Think about it.

All men should be feminists, because women are awesome. (Obviously). Women are equal. Women are powerful. Women are human beings. But, mostly because, women deserve better. Women deserve better than “dudes” across the world making us feel like we are the dog shit on their shoe that someone annoyingly didn’t pick up from the front yard.

I can’t wait to see the day all human beings are truly treated as equals.

Until then, I will hold on to the hope that all misogynist’s will be the first to die in the inevitable zombie apocalypse. I guess, that will be my silver lining, my tiny pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Hello, end of the world. Goodbye, women haters.

I can work with that.




2 Responses to “On Dude Syndrome And Why Every Man Should Be A Feminist”

  1. taurusingemini August 13, 2013 at 6:27 am #

    Don’t they teach them MANNERS anymore? It’s just ridiculous, how those “newer generations” of human beings are raised, to CARE about JUST themselves, and nobody else, like they’re the ones that mattered, above everybody ELSE!!!

    • Taylor Devost August 14, 2013 at 6:08 am #

      Apparently not! It is ridiculous. I was SO appalled by him and his lack of respect!

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