The Memories That Save

22 Aug

Thinking of the past

and the winter that they shared.

Now, they both live

in different cities, full

of empty faced ghosts,

walking down crowded streets, hiding

monsters in their eyes.

She thought, for a moment,

what it would feel like

to step out in front

of the winding cars –

whose owners

drove with a pure need

to get to places

they didn’t want to be.

She just wanted to see

what disappearing

would feel like. But,

then she thought of him, and

that night in December.

He swore, he would

always remember

her, and

Berkshires, and


Standing at an intersection,

blurs of traffic flashing by,

the street light turns,


Who knew, the color

of envy

could save.

She crosses the street

and thinks about

that night

and driving fast

on the freeway, music

filling them.

The reality that

the beginning, would

also be

the end.

She pauses.

She exists

in her


She will

always remember,


and Berkshires, and




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