Writing Letters To Strangers: Reflection

20 Sep

She had slept the whole day away and she didn’t even care.

Kinsey would have never been caught dead sleeping in until 4pm when she was still in high school.

She used to be the kind of girl who would light up a room with her smile and now her smile rarely came to visit. She used to wake up no later than 10am during her high school summers and race over to Hale’s house, lie on the couch and talk or play Mario Kart. Some days, they would meet up with boys at the baseball fields and flirt in the bleachers beneath the North Carolina sun. Her nights used to consist of fireflies, skinny-dipping, beer pong, and a haze of blurry drunken moments that she used to think she would cherish forever.

She remembered one summer night that was humid as hell, but somehow nobody cared. Her, Hale and their friend Hadley all went over to an empty house currently for sale stripped down and jumped in the pool. They floated around quietly underneath the full moon and she remembered an ease of all encompassing silence washing over them, and somehow feeling like so much was still being said between the three of them.

In that moment, she hoped life would always be that good.

It wouldn’t be.

As she drifted off to sleep again, Kinsey thought of Hadley and Hale, and just for a brief moment, she wished they were laying beside her making her laugh again.


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