The Circle of Life

23 Oct

Hot coffee grows cold, ice

water left too long, stains

the brand new mahogany table-

condensation rings gleam

like scars.

New books lose

their new book smell,

tattered pages,

pen marks, wine stains,

broken spines.

The swing set that rusted, now

creaks in the wind.

No green-eyed innocence

bothers with it now.

The wedding ring once

entrancing, now misses a diamond;

seems smaller, somehow.

The sun goes down, all that glitters fades.

Like the housewife, once untouched

by time, left for another

who has yet to acquire the knowledge

of time and love and loss.

One day, the robins stops


You blink and the puppy has grown; dead.

The toddler has a family of his own.

You look around.

Your house seems smaller, colder, tattered

and creaking.

And all new things, once

so full of hope

and love and life-

all new things

have grown old.



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