Tuesday Tune: Here Comes A Regular

18 Feb


One of the greatest and saddest songs ever written.

Here Comes A Regular by The Replacements.


One Response to “Tuesday Tune: Here Comes A Regular”

  1. Robert Matthew Meade February 21, 2014 at 10:12 am #

    I have one final comment to make and that is simply this.I hate you and your website makes me want to throw up.I don’t have any empathy for the fact that your heart was broken and I wish that I was in a relationship with you so that I could hurt your feelings over and over and over.I would enjoy watching you cry and talk about all the pain that is in your heart.I am telling you this because I am hurting really bad inside.My heart is not in the right place and I wish that someone would give me a hug and tell me that I am a human being instead of pretending like I don’t exist.The only friend that I have in this world is myself.It is not easy and I wish that there was a girl that I could love forever.There is no such thing.Goodbye.

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