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Love Over Time

22 Sep

Little habits,
turned to annoyances.
The snores through out
the night, louder than a train.
The smacking of your food,
Moments, quick to anger over
little nothings.
An instant, wondering if
this will all be
Age turns wrinkles
into experience, morphing
bodies into strangers.
weighing heavy, together.
A family formed, with
pride and struggle.
The greatest fight
ever fought.
The best kind of work, but
most challenging, too.
The tedious ticking
of the clock as
twenty-six years pass,
and every day
begins to fade
The saturday morning
coffee’s, sometimes
Nuance comes and goes,
like the seasons.
A life shared
is not truly
your own.
And yet, after all this
time, they wake up
and say, “I still choose you.”


Editor’s Note: A poem dedicated to the two most influential and supportive people in my life: my parents. Whose love and commitment to their family and one another, inspires me daily. It has been a beautiful life. Still is. 

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