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2 Mar

I’ve written before about pieces.

Pieces that get lost

when you’re in love with someone, as two hearts

begin to merge together.

I’ve always mourned the loss of those pieces, those parts

of myself that I resigned to never see again.

But maybe, I don’t have to mourn them.

Sitting on the couch, I finally realize what girl friends are for.

They are for reminding us of who we are when we can no longer remember,

for remembering all of our pieces and appreciating them,

for wiping the confusion and sadness away with the two words you’ve forgotten you needed

to hear: I understand.




2 Jan

I’ve known you

my entire life. And after all this time,

you should understand who

I am

with perfect clarity.

I am standing

right in front of you, and

you still

don’t see me.


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