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We Danced All Night

6 Jun

We danced all night.

We drank all day.

We swam in the Mediterranean


We laughed at our lives.

My God, did we laugh.

And every moment

was a rooftop view.

In the sweat and the haze

and the salt and the sun;

I was free.

I was living.

I remember feeling alive, and

thinking to myself

“I should feel this way more often.”



Dark Days Passed

1 May

Dark days passed,
I wasn’t
sure they would
when I was in them.
But winter
to spring.
And just to walk
some days,
was enough.


He Was Like A Breath

30 Apr

He was like a breath

of fresh air

the way he was always moving,


singing, not well – but that wasn’t

the point, he said

as he laughed


into my heart.



24 Mar

“I’m defenseless,” she said as she watered her plants.

“Against what?” her husband asked as

he poured himself a cup of coffee.

“Time,” she said as she began to cry.

“Just time.”


I Used To Dance

7 Mar

“I used to dance

alone in my room, or spontaneously

in front of others.”

“That sounds nice,” he said.

“But today I realized

I have not danced in a long time.”

“Why did you stop?” he asked.

“I don’t know. I guess I just forgot.”

“Forgot what?” he questioned.

“To feel.”


After You Left

18 Feb

After you left

I slept in your old ratty t-shirt

for 41 days.

You know the one; grey with the small holes

in the left sleeve.

It saved me that first month.

Your scent made me feel like

you were still here.

41 days.

I believed you would come back.

Day 42.

I realized the only scent left on your shirt

was my own.


The Things I Wanted to Say

18 Feb

“why don’t you talk to me anymore?” she asked

her words cutting me as I read them.

I wanted to say, “because it’s too hard. because it hurts too much.

because I hate having to say goodbye again, and again.”

I wanted to say these things.

Instead, I said “because,

you don’t talk to me anymore either.”


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