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The Cost of Living

18 Feb

Parts become pieces, and

pieces get lost

day by day,

year after year

until, you wake up

and realize

who you were

is no longer who you are

and the pieces that once held you together

no longer fit.



We Are Volcanoes

6 Dec

We are volcanoes


as magma rises,

for our time to come.

It will come. And the words

that finally erupt from us

will destroy cities.



10 Nov

I like him.

The way his arms are sculpted, how his glasses illuminate the color of his eyes.

They way he lets his beard grow too long as if; he doesn’t have anyone in the world taking care of him.

I like his southern drawl, and the arc of his back.

The way his smile makes my heart flutter, and fly, and drop.

But most of all, I like that he isn’t you.


The Girl Who Gives Too Much

9 Nov

I shed pieces of myself

everywhere I go.

Every new city that opens my eyes, every small town

that widens my heart, every old friend

who increases my understanding, every

new acquaintance who tests my loyalty,

every stranger depending on my empathy, every love

sustained by my vulnerability.

All I am is pieces.

Pieces put together, delicate and complex, that will inevitably fall away.

And I am afraid

I will give this world every last piece,

until I have nothing left of myself, not even a hollow shell.


Casey Kim Photography.


31 Oct

When I think about the future,

I am paralyzed with fear.

There is no sister ship to guide me,

no lighthouse shining

from the rocky shore.

All I know is, my world is bigger

with you in it.


The Beginning

31 Oct

Remember the moments

when desire overcame us, and

every passing moment

we could not touch

was an injustice, a lifeline

severed. I wish

I could live in those moments



The Way He Saw The World

2 Jun

He didn’t just have a passion for life,

but for people.

“You see,” he said

“they are one in the same.”



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