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The Things That Holds Us Back

18 Feb

I am every love letter you were too afraid to send.

I am every missed chance at an honest laugh.

I am the girl in the books, you never read.

I am every stolen kiss from those cycling through your bed.

I am the wind in your hair on your loneliest day.

I am those three little words that you could never say.



The Past, Never Really Passed

8 Jul

Sometimes, I wonder if

I will ever escape

my past;

the past

of those

I love –

the lingering feelings, and

parasitic emotions that


every inch

of happiness

I have fought for.

The ever living ghost,

waiting, to emerge

once more, from

the tethers of being


The demons

in the dark –

a reminder of

what once was,

pouncing out at

the most unexpected hour

of the night.

The clock strikes twelve.

Time is up.

Things are, as

we are.

Can reality ever be

less than


Can it be more.




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